Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Honest and Masterpiece Comments

Kepada sahabat semua, saya terpanggil untuk membaca satu komen yang ditulis oleh seorang bloger yang saya tidak kenal iaitu 'dieya'. Macam mana saya terbuka blog 'dia' ni? Tidak terbuka secara tidak sengaja, 'dieya' ada posting comments, jadi sebagai membalas masanya membuka blog saya, maka saya membaca komen dia dlm blog saya dan seterusnya membaca blog dia. Makk oiii panjangnya komen dia pasal novel perang tu. Pada saya, berdasarkan beberapa write-up dlm blog 'dieya',She very educated person, always rasionalise thingd, joyes, simple, very friendly - maka ramai kawan suka dgn dia, have time for friends but kalau tak silap dia suka simpan kedukaan. Bagi beliau, kedukaan hanyalah untuk diri sendiri atau sangat privacy. Cantik.

Maka saya kongsi komen 'dieya' terhadap novel perang Platun Harimau.

pena celoreng & platun harimau

Remember that entry where I said I stalk several blogs of people I have nothing in common with? Well, Maya requested that I share the links here (sorry Maya for the delay, you know how busy I am these days, but better late than never, right?). Anyway, since it’s a weekend and I have a bit of time before heading to Spanish class, I shall entertain her request. So here’s a peek at one of the stalked blog.


It’s owned by Lt. Kol. Mohd. Radzi bin Abd. Hamid, an army officer (is “officer” the right term for a Lt. Kol.?) who has a penchant for literature. A very well-read man too. He has - get this - 4 diplomas, 2 degrees and 3 masters *gawk*. And now working on his fourth master *double gawk*. Just finished his thesis vi-vo. Me? I’m doing one lousy MBA yet I already feel like going bonkers! And I can’t even think of a thesis topic yet!

What’s up with the blog?

I came across it sometime last year. I don’t remember how I got there. Must be one of those boring weekends when I had nothing better to do than clicking on people’s blogroll.

The first entry I read on Pena Celoreng was a short story about the rescue mission during Highland Towers tragedy. I was impressed by how it was told from the rescuer’s point of view, unlike most write-ups which are told from the victim’s point of view. Since then, I visit the blog every now and then, reading one or two of the writer’s masterpieces every time.

He writes about the army (mostly). Bought his book Platun Harimau sometime last year. Was initially disturbed by photos of killed communists and wounded soldiers in it. Well, I normally read before bedtime, so having those images playing in my head before going to sleep wasn’t nice! So I kept the book with others on my “will read them one day” pile (which is quite an impressive pile, wonder when I will start finish reading them all). It stayed there for a while, months to be exact.

I finally started finished reading Platun Harimau recently. Wrapped it up in just a few hours. Well, the book is not that thick to begin with and it has plenty of pictures. Plus, the first several pages are list of terms, short forms and illustrations to assist readers.

How was it? A good read I must say. The fighting scenes were well crafted. The sad scenes were emotional without being mushy. The military terms can be a little put-off sometimes. Had to flip to the reference page every now and then to get what they meant. Yet they also gave the book its life. After all, what do I expect, it’s a war novel, not a chic lit :-p

The TV drama version of the book is coming up soon. I read on Utusan that the first episode will be aired on 1 March 2011 on TV1, in conjunction with Hari Ulang tahun Tentera Darat ke-78. Fortunately it will be on Tuesday night and I don’t have a class.

Can’t wait to watch the premiere!

P.S.: Wanna share your stalked blog?


dieya said...

that’s nice of you to have republished my entry! and yeah, i do have the tendency of words diarrhea, so bila i tulis memang panjang berjela. your observations of me made me laugh (for good reasons), how analytical of you.

looking forward to read Platun Harimau Misi 2: Hingga ke Lubang Cacing. now that i already know some military terms, perhaps i won’t need to flip to the reference page that often ;-)

JaJa'Z said...

hai kept..coming from dieya's blog..jaja pun terpanggil untuk view blog kept ni jugak..anyway, apa2 yg dr dieya memang sad to say...jaja tak pernah baca pun tentang buku2 yg kept tulis ni..hope i also can read the book one day...nak pulak kalau buku yg berkisar tetang kehidupan sendiri..itu yang menarik sebenarnya..right?

Syed Fairus said...

Saya ada buat entry khas tentang ulangtahun 78 Tentera Darat. Jika rajin, silalah berkunjung ke laman blog saya di: